Games Room

The games room is located in the old unheated cantina and is ideally suited to escaping the heat at the peak hours of the day or to pass away the evening playing either table tennis or pool.

In addition to the games we have recently installed a Saunamed FAR Infrared Sauna to add to the overall experience of our guests.

FAR Infrared saunas are claimed to be the safest, most efficient and economical way of eliminating stored toxins The Far Infrared sauna is far safer and more tolerable than a conventional sauna because it uses a heat energy that penetrates into tissues, triggering mobilization of chemicals from fat storage, directly into the sweat.

The sauna is located at the end of the Games Room and is accessible without going outside the house. The sauna has a light therapy mode whereby guests can select the light they like best as they enjoy the sauna and it also contains a radio with the capability of plugging in your iPOD if required.

We hope that the addition of the Sauna in the Games Room will ensure that even in those cold winter months guests can relax and unwind in the comfort of Casa Balau.